Awareness through the body – a journey towards our inner garden Lara Forti – Ursula Löwe- Kopenhagen

6. September 2014 15:00 bis 18:30

Co – Creation Project 2  2014 – 

Lara Forti, integral-therapeutische Tanzpädagogin und ausgebildet in „Awareness through the Body“ (Kopenhagen/Auroville) wird gemeinsam mit Ursula diesen Workshop anbieten mit verschiedenen Elementen aus Creative Arts Therapy and Awareness through the  Body Training .     

Through working with your finest physical sensations and the perceiving of minimal movement, noticing reactions, emotions and your space within. A journey into your body to discover the less known or the unknown, coming to life like a blooming flower , full of intensity, energy and strength. Through effortless being, present in everything you do, starting by your breathing, you’ll open up to more life and space within and around yourself.

Wo:  Kopenhagen , Dänemark  (Workshop in Englisch und Deutsch)

Teilnahme: 48 € ,  

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